Nobody likes surprises when visiting a new office.

Here's what can you expect when you first step into Hometown Health

Your Recovery Is Our Priority

  • At your first visit, we will need you to fill out a few papers documenting your current condition and your past medical history so that we can ensure a proper diagnosis. 
  • After the paperwork is complete, our doctors will sit down with you to discuss your condition and will perform a focused examination.  
  • Once the examination is complete your doctor will explain their conclusions and diagnosis and will talk through the treatment options for your care, whether that is within our office or outside of our office (referrals for imaging or to your primary care physician). 
  • Once a treatment plan is discussed and agreed upon, you will typically receive treatment on the first visit. 
  • Along with that treatment you will receive home-care instructions that will be intended to decrease the amount of time it takes you to improve and to create independence for you. 

Throughout this entire process, we encourage you to ask any and all questions you have!

Got A Question About Our Services?

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