Once I See A Chiropractor Do I Need To Keep Going?

Each patient is different and is given a different prescription for care by the doctor based on their condition. Someone who has had a more extensive or longer lasting issue may need to be seen more than someone who has a minor injury or pain that just occurred.   The prescription is followed to ensure that not only are you pain-free, but you are also able to keep that issue from returning.  It targets the root of the problem.

We sometimes recommend, and many chiropractic patients across the country tend to follow this recommendation, that people be checked by a chiropractor regularly for biomechanical dysfunctions before they become an issue that will take many treatments and days off work to resolve.  Here is one small study on the effects of what we call “maintenance care” from a chiropractor: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15510094 There is also research that proves the satisfaction that chiropractic patients have as well as the cost effectiveness of chiropractic as a regular part of healthcare!

Does It Hurt?

Most people think being adjusted actually feels really good! The chemicals released during an adjustment are “feel good” chemicals.  Very rarely someone may complain of a small amount of soreness following an adjustment.  There can also be some mild soreness from massage or rehabilitation exercises performed at a visit, but no more than after a small workout.

What if I don't like the "cracking" sound or I'm nervous?

While the cracking sound (called “cavitation”) is normal and is not at all dangerous, it is common for patients to be a little nervous or be uncomfortable with the “crack” associated with an adjustment. The doctor will ask you how you feel about this on your first visit and if you are uncomfortable with this then they will offer alternative options which can work for your issue while not using the traditional chiropractic adjustments which produce the cracking sound.

Can it damage my neck?

Many people have seen the Jean-Cluade Van Damme movies where he breaks people’s necks and they have the image that chiropractors do just about the same thing. This is very far from the truth!  Chiropractors undergo extensive training in the anatomy, physiology and biomechanics of the human body.  They are trained in the appropriate ways to adjust a neck and how much force to use.  Before they even graduate chiropractic school they have performed thousands of neck adjustments without any negative effects.  A collaboration of a study in 2002 in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics and a study in 2001 in the Canadian Medical Association Journal showed that there is 2x more stress placed on your neck arteries in looking over your shoulder than there is with a chiropractic adjustment!

How is massage incorporated?

At Hometown Health we like to utilize the chiropractic adjustment as one tool in helping you to live a better quality life. We also use massage, stretching, heat, electric stimulation, exercises, nutrition, etc. to be sure we achieve your goals.  Massage is used in order to loosen up areas that may be tighter on you and may be causing some of your issues.  We perform a wide variety of massage techniques depending on your condition in order to achieve the best results.  All of our rehabilitation techniques are used at the discretion of the doctor and will be discussed with you at the time of your first appointment.

How long is an appointment?

Your first appointment will typically take about an hour. This gives the doctor time to get familiar with your condition and perform all tests necessary and also allows you to ask any questions or voice any concerns you may have.  Subsequent visits typically take 20-30 minutes depending on what your treatment entails.  The doctor will discuss this with you at the time of your first treatment.

Why chiropractic?

When given a basic competency exam on musculoskeletal medicine written by orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors far exceeded other doctors in score. Every doctor is well trained for what they do and their specialty and chiropractors specialize in musculoskeletal conditions.  Therefore, we are the ideal first stop for any musculoskeletal complaints.  We are trained to diagnose and we are able to tell you if we are able to treat your condition or we can refer you to where you need to be if we can’t!

How much does it cost?

What you pay out of pocket for a visit can vary greatly depending on your insurance plan. However, with the insurance situation and large deductible plans the way they are currently we have made accommodations for our patients.  The costs vary depending on which treatment options would be best for you.  One way we are trying to make care affordable in this tough financial time is by offering a 20% discount for anyone who chooses not to use insurance and pays at the time of the treatment.  We know that many people have a high deductible plan which they will never reach, so we can give a discount off the top as long as you pay at the time of your treatment.

Do I need a referral from my primary care doctor to see a chiropractor?

Since a Doctor of Chiropractic is a portal of entry physician the same as a Medical Doctor, Osteopath or a Dentist, you do not need a referral to see us. We are able to perform all diagnosis and refer for any further testing or to a different specialist as necessary.  The exception to this is found with certain insurance companies which require a referral from your primary care doctor in order for the services to be covered under insurance.

Do you have other questions you would like answered?

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